Nebula by Shannon Glasheen

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Handmade out of recycled bike parts and wood.

15.75H x 24W x 2.4D

This body of work is a representation of taxidermy trophy heads.
A bicycle saddle is used for the head and face while other parts of the bike, such as handlebars, forks, and brake levers are used for the antlers.
Shannon gives each piece a unique personality or theme by utilizing different materials and colorways.

Shannon Glasheen is a Mission District, SF based artist. She is a trained fashion designer and self taught artist who creates multi-media sculptures from recycled bicycle parts. These parts are collected from local shops and much of the other material, such as the wood mounts, are found objects from the sidewalks of the Mission. Her inspiration in drawn from years of being a bike messenger and having a passion for re-purposing materials that would otherwise end up in the landfill.

Shannon grew up in New Hampshire and studied Fashion Design at The School of Fashion Design in Boston, MA. After relocating to San Francisco in 2010, she furthered her education and received a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Marketing and Management from The Art Institute of CA-SF.